A Traitor at War Against America

After congress failed to protect our country from a traitor conspiring with the enemy assassinating our troops, his assaults against our country have escalated. The traitor is now directly assaulting our citizen and unconstitutionally detaining them. We must demand congress, particularly the senate, grow a spine and stand up to the enemy of the people and remove him from office immediately! While my words are harsh, I would not fault you if you want to use stronger langue than I have.

Dear Legislator:
A month ago, it became public that Russia was hiring the Taliban to assassinate US troops. Rather than take the advice of experts advising him to take action against Russia, Mr. Donald J. Trump has instead given the hostile nation aid and comfort, shielding the country from any retaliation by the United States

Now Mr. Trump has hired unidentified mercenaries to directly assault and unlawfully detain US citizens in our own cities. This is completely unconstitutional and resolutely unpresidential. He has betrayed his oath, his office, and our country! Remove the fucking traitor from the office he has thoroughly desecrated immediately!

A Traitor at War Against America

Trump Must Prove His Loyalty

As time passes and Mr. Trump continues to take no action against Russia for its assault on our country, we must insist congress get to the bottom of his treachery. Congress does not have any time to hesitate. Contact your members immediately.

Dear Legislator:

With Mr. Donald J. Trump still refusing to defend the United States of America and its citizens from escalating attacks from Mr. Vladimir Putin and Russia, you must subpoena him to answer questions before Congress. Until he answers these questions about what he knew and when he knew it, he should be held in contempt of Congress until he does and proves he has any loyalty to the United States of America.

Trump's Loyalty

Trump, the Russian Taliban

With the evidence that Mr. Trump is turning a blind eye to the assassination of our troops by an adversary to our country and more likely than not with full knowledge, we must increase our demand our congress members remove Mr. Trump immediately. He is a real threat to our nation and its security. While I am including what I’m telling my legislators, I won’t fault you if you choose to edit it to use a less harsh tone. The language I chose is a response to both of my senators openly putting party before country when Mr. Trump was impeached for abuse of power.

Dear Legislator:

In light of the revelation that there are targeted attacks against our nation and troops by a hostile nation while Mr. Donald J. Trump lavishes aid and comfort to Mr. Vladimir Putin and Russia, I must demand you remove Mr. Trump from office immediately and charge him with treason. Our Constitution describes this crime as one of the most egregious you can commit and the punishment is steadfast. Mr. Trump should live out the remainder of his life labelled a traitor to the United State of America.

Your constitutional duties are clear and refusal to implement the appropriate punishment for his treachery should and will make you a co-conspirator to his betrayal of our country.

In response to his vailed claim he was not informed of the attacks being carried out by the Taliban on behalf of Russia, I want to remind you that nine months ago Mr. Trump was caught trying to bring members of the Taliban to US soil to meet with him in secret at Camp David. There are no coincidence. He was fully aware of the plot against the United States of America and a willful participant.

Russian Taliban Trump

American Protester War

Now that Mr. Trump has declared war on American citizens, now more than ever do we need to call on congress to remove this treat against our country. If you need assistance drafting what to demand from them, I can give some assistance:

Dear Legislator:
With Mr. Trump’s contempt for his oath of office and blatant criminal actions, he must be arrested immediately and removed from office now. It is completely intolerable to have the person holding the office of president willfully violating laws and acting faithlessly to the people he serves.

On June 1, 2020, Mr. Trump abused the office of the White House and ordered law enforcement to use crowd control techniques. He did not give this order to uphold the rule of law, but to clear the area for a personal photo opportunity for himself. To do this, he had officers of the law physically assault Americans to forcefully remove them from a public area they had a lawful right to occupy and he also threatened to use unlawful force if they did not halt their constitutionally protected right to protests against him and other people using their position to get away with their crimes.

This behavior by Mr. Trump to commit violent acts against the people he is obligated to serve demands his swift removal from office. He must stand trial for the people he has already directly harmed under titles 10 U.S. Code § 928. Art. 128. Assault and 18 U.S. Code § 2101. Riots, along with every other law he broke launching his war against our country. This individual is must be held accountable for his actions.

Trump's War Against America

Violation of Oath of Office

Given Mr. Trump and his legal team’s only defense to the serious crimes he committed against the United States and our rule of law is, “he was elected by the electoral college, so he can commit crimes against the country and its people all he wants,” we all need to contact our senators to demand they enforce the rule of law and the US Constitution! As always, I do have a template, but I wrote this one at work. So, you’ll want to proof read it much more carefully and make corrections to any errors I made.

Dear Senator:
In light that we know that Mr. Donald J. Trump embezzled $391 million in full violation of criminal code “18 U.S. Code § 653. Disbursing officer misusing public funds” in an attempt to coerce Ukraine to open investigations into personal adversaries in order to defame persons whose reputation Mr. Trump wants to tarnish for personal gain, you must vote to remove him from his office of public trust. And given Mr. Trump embezzled funds congress had already certified for release to Ukraine while working in willful or unwillful concert with Russia – an adversary of the United States of America – whom Mr. Trump has turned to before for personal and political gain at the expense of rights of the citizens of the United States and the country, we should be especially skeptical of why he is consorting with Russia again. Mr. Trump has knowledge Ukraine is in active conflict with Russia, and has used this fact to amplify the distress the withholding of aid would have on a country at war while guising his crime as a pause to reverify a policy that had already been confirm to have been met by Ukraine, believing everyone would focus on the war rather than the felony he was committing in the name of the United States. This is an egregious crime and he must be held accountable for it.

Mr. Donald J. Trump has demonstratably violated his oath of office to faithfully execute the office of the president and has failed to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Unless he presents a rational defense to willfully violating federal law, there is only one remedy for Mr. Donald J. Trump’s actions. He must be removed from the office of the White House before he does irreversible, detrimental damage to our sovereignty and our rule of law. If you allow this man to remain in power, it will be viewed as your active and will participation as a coconspirator in the crimes Mr. Trump has, is, and will continue to commit until he is no longer in office.

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