A Traitor at War Against America

After congress failed to protect our country from a traitor conspiring with the enemy assassinating our troops, his assaults against our country have escalated. The traitor is now directly assaulting our citizen and unconstitutionally detaining them. We must demand congress, particularly the senate, grow a spine and stand up to the enemy of the people and remove him from office immediately! While my words are harsh, I would not fault you if you want to use stronger langue than I have.

Dear Legislator:
A month ago, it became public that Russia was hiring the Taliban to assassinate US troops. Rather than take the advice of experts advising him to take action against Russia, Mr. Donald J. Trump has instead given the hostile nation aid and comfort, shielding the country from any retaliation by the United States

Now Mr. Trump has hired unidentified mercenaries to directly assault and unlawfully detain US citizens in our own cities. This is completely unconstitutional and resolutely unpresidential. He has betrayed his oath, his office, and our country! Remove the fucking traitor from the office he has thoroughly desecrated immediately!

A Traitor at War Against America

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