SCOTUS Vacancy

If you feel you need to write your senators to urge them to postpone any consideration of a nomination for Supreme Court justice, I have written a statement you may use.

Dear Senator:
There should be no vote on a nomination for the Supreme Court justice vacancy left by Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg until after the 2020 election. Mr. Mitch McConnell has already set the precedent for this when he allowed the death of Hon. Antonin Scalia leave a seat go unfulfilled for 422 day. Waiting 88 days to fill a Supreme Court justice vacancy is completely acceptable under the standard established by the Senate.

And not only is the public voting to determine whom they want to represent them in the White House, many voters are also voting, with many having already cast their ballot, for whom will represent them in the Senate. Every two years, one-third of the seats in the Senate is up for re-election. Of the 35 seats up for election, at least five senators will not be returning to their office after the election. It would be completely inappropriate for senators who have opted to no longer represent their respective states as members of Congress to approve any Supreme Court justice. It would also would be an injustice to have senators who are voted out of office to be filling court vacancies at all levels after the public has spoken.

Follow the precedent that has been set and give voters their voice on whom will receive a life-term position on the Supreme Court of the United States.

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