Extortion and Embezzlement

In revelation of the news today that US aid was embezzled for use as extortion against the government of Ukraine to coerce the country into digging up dirt on people Mr. Trump fears, you probably are finding yourself wanting to write your members of congress about crimes Mr. Trump is known to have committed. If you need help with what to say, you may use what I have to say as the basis for what you tell your members.

Dear Legislator:
With Mr. Mick Mulvaney’s admission that U.S. aid was withheld from Ukraine until it agreed to Mr. Donald J. Trump’s demand to investigate persons he wanted compromising material on, Mr. Trump has violated Title 18 Chapter 41 § 872 of the US criminal code. And by the very nature of the use of funds designated as aid to Ukraine by Congress as a means to extort officials from the country into investigating people at his behest, Mr. Trump, he is also fully in violation of Title 18 Chapter 31 § 654 of the US criminal code. With the amount of funds embezzled by Mr. Trump being almost $400 million for use for extortion, there is no dispute these offenses fall under the definition of high crimes in the United States of America. The only remedy for these crimes is the prompt impeachment, conviction, and removal of Mr. Trump from the office of the White House and ban from ever holding any federal office of public trust again. His complete betrayals of the United States and the office of the president cannot be allowed to continue.

Extortion and Embezzlement

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