“Alternative” Lyrics 581

Topic: Donald J. Trump; Republicans; Republican Party; Donald J. Trump’s Base
“Give Up and Die” by Lonesome Wyatt and Rachel Brooke

I’ve done it again
I’ve given into that sin
I’ve fallen so hard
I’m breathless again

I can’t walk that line
You know I never would
And my heart stops time
To think that I could

I can’t sleep at night
And a lot I cry every day
I run out of pills
That keep me sane

We all go through hard times
But Lord Jesus ease my mind
How much longer do I have
To die inside?

Everything’s alright
Everything’s okay
‘Til that moon comes shining
On into the day

Not a day goes by
But I’m not dead inside
What’s the point of living
If living is a lie?

Now look in my eyes
Baby, don’t lie
Tell me all my
Happiness is dying

And I got nothing else
And lord I know is time
Babe, give in
Give up and die


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