Trump, the Russian Taliban

With the evidence that Mr. Trump is turning a blind eye to the assassination of our troops by an adversary to our country and more likely than not with full knowledge, we must increase our demand our congress members remove Mr. Trump immediately. He is a real threat to our nation and its security. While I am including what I’m telling my legislators, I won’t fault you if you choose to edit it to use a less harsh tone. The language I chose is a response to both of my senators openly putting party before country when Mr. Trump was impeached for abuse of power.

Dear Legislator:

In light of the revelation that there are targeted attacks against our nation and troops by a hostile nation while Mr. Donald J. Trump lavishes aid and comfort to Mr. Vladimir Putin and Russia, I must demand you remove Mr. Trump from office immediately and charge him with treason. Our Constitution describes this crime as one of the most egregious you can commit and the punishment is steadfast. Mr. Trump should live out the remainder of his life labelled a traitor to the United State of America.

Your constitutional duties are clear and refusal to implement the appropriate punishment for his treachery should and will make you a co-conspirator to his betrayal of our country.

In response to his vailed claim he was not informed of the attacks being carried out by the Taliban on behalf of Russia, I want to remind you that nine months ago Mr. Trump was caught trying to bring members of the Taliban to US soil to meet with him in secret at Camp David. There are no coincidence. He was fully aware of the plot against the United States of America and a willful participant.

Russian Taliban Trump

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