“Alternative” Lyrics 526

Topic: Donald J. Trump
“Professor Coldheart’s Theme” by Les Lye from The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings

Allow me to introduce myself
They call me Professor Coldheart
I’m cold and cruel and crafty
But wait! Here comes the best part

I’ll freeze your feelings cold as ice
And kill your cares, ooh, that sounds nice!
So listen, here’s some sound advice, be smart-
Don’t mess with the Professor!

C-c-c-c-clever Coldheart!

I’ve heard you’ve been complaining
There’s no need to cry or whine
I’ll refrigerate those feelings
Ooh, I’ve found you just in time!

My icy stare can hypnotize
My chiling stare can paralyze
I knew we’d get along right from the start
Don’t mess with the Professor!

C-c-c-c-clever Coldheart!

Don’t mess with the Professor!


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