Trump the Terrorist

Now that there is a second act of terrorism committed by Mr. Donald J. Trump with the co-conspirator complying with the conspiracy, Mr. Trump can no longer hide behind the assertion that he meant his words in jest. He has proven himself a traitor to the United States and congress must act in hast to remove him from office.

If you need help drafting what you want to communicate to congress, you may use and edit the following as a template:

Dear Legislator:
With Mr. Trump committing another act of international terrorism as defined under Title 18 U.S. Code § 2331, this time conspiring with Israel to attack two sitting congresswomen, he must be arrested for treason immediately. It is completely intolerable to allow a sitting president to commit such a high-level felony without repercussion. There should be zero tolerance for anyone holding any office of public trust to violate these laws. His crimes dictate his immediate removal from office.

Internation Terrorism

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