“Alternative” Lyrics 373

Topic: Donald J. Trump; Republicans; Republican Party; Trump Family
“Master of Disguise” by LazyTown

(laughing) I’m the master of disguise.
I can vanish from your eyes.
I can be in different places,
With my many funny faces,
In disguise.
Sometimes it’s so nifty,
When I’m really really shifty,
In disguise.

It’s disguise time!

It’s so easy to deceive you,
With my sneaky little tricks.
And to make you believe,
Each character that I pick, hey!

When you look for me
I’m gone, in front of your eyes,
People call me
The master of disguise!

I’m as sneaky as can be.
No one’s sneakier than me.
I can get so sly and loathing,
When I dress in other clothing,
In disguise…

You’ll walk right by me,
Not knowing that I’m slimy.

A scary dinosaur,
With a loud ferocious roar.
I’m so glad, I’m so tricky,
Even so Saint Nick-y.

When you look for me,
I’m gone, in front of your eyes.
People call me
The master of disguise!

Hahaha! I’m the master of disguise!


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