“Alternative” Lyrics 226

Topic: Donald J. Trump; Republicans; Republican Party; Vladimir Putin; Russia
“Feed Me (Git It)” from Little Shop of Horrors

Seymour: Sudden changes surround me
Lady luck came and found me
Thanks a million for making the magic you do

Thanks to you, sweet petunia
Mushnik’s taken a junior
And someday when I own this whole shop
I’ll remember I owe it to you

[Spoken] Aw, Tuey. Who cares if I’ve been on the anemic side these past few weeks? So what if I’ve had a few dizzy spells? A little light-headedness? It’s been worth it, old pal. Look, I’m gonna go down to Schmendrick’s and get something to eat. I’ll see ya later.

[Audrey 2 growls]

Seymour: [Spoken] Oh boy. Here we go again. Tuey, I haven’t got much left – look, just let me heal a few more days, okay? Then we’ll start on the left hand again.

Audrey 2: [Spoken] Feed me!

Seymour: [Spoken] I beg your pardon?

Audrey 2: [Spoken] Feed me!

Seymour: [Spoken] Tuey! You talked! You opened up your – trap, your thing, you said–

Audrey 2: [Spoken] Feed me, Krelborn, feed me now!

Seymour: [Spoken] I can’t!

Audrey 2: [Spoken] I’m starvin’!

Seymour: [Spoken] Oh boy… Look, maybe I can squeeze a little out of this one, but–

Audrey 2: [Spoken] I need some food! [slurping] More, more!

Seymour: [Spoken] But there isn’t any more! Whaddya want me to do, slit my wrists?!

Audrey 2: [Spoken] Mmmmmm.

Seymour: [Spoken] Look. How ’bout I run down to the corner, and pick you up some nice chopped sirloin?

Audrey 2: [Spoken] Must be blood!

Seymour: [Spoken] Tuey, that’s disgusting.

Audrey 2: [Spoken] Must be fresh!

Seymour: [Spoken] I don’t wanna hear this!

Audrey 2: [Sung] Feed me!

Seymour: Does it have to be human?

Audrey 2: Feed me!

Seymour: Does it have to be mine?

Audrey 2: Feed me!

Seymour: Where am I supposed to get it?

Audrey 2: Feed me, Seymour
Feed me all night long

That’s right, boy!
You can do it

Feed me, Seymour
Feed me all night long [laugh]
‘Cause if you feed me Seymour
I can grow up big and strong

Seymour: [Spoken] You eat blood, Audrey 2. Let’s face it. How am I supposed to keep on feeding you? Kill people?

Audrey 2: [Spoken] I’ll make it worth your while.

Seymour: [Spoken] …What?

Audrey 2: [Spoken] You think this is all a coincidence, baby? Your sudden success around here? Your adoption papers?

Seymour: [Spoken] Look, you’re a plant! An inanimate object!

Audrey 2: [Spoken] Does this look inanimate to you, punk?! If I can talk, and I can move, who’s to say I can’t do anything I want?

Seymour: [Spoken] Like what?

Audrey 2: [Spoken] Like deliver, pal! Let’s see you get everything your secret greasy heart desires!

[Sung] Would you like a Cadillac car
Or a guest-shot on Jack Paar?
How about a date with Heady Lemarr?
You gonna get it

How’d ya like to be a big wheel?
Dinin’ out for every meal
I’m the plant that can make it all real
You’re gonna get it

I’m your genie
I’m your friend
I’m your willin’ slave
Take a chance, just feed me and
You know what kinda eats
The kinda red hot treats
The kinda sticky licky sweets I crave

Come on, Seymour
Don’t be a putz
Trust me and your life will surely
Rival King Tut’s
Show a little initiative, boy
Work up some guts
And you’ll get it

Seymour: [Sung] I don’t know, I don’t know
I have so, so many strong reservations
Should I go and perform mutilations?

Audrey 2: [Spoken] You didn’t have nothin’ till you met me. Come on, kid, what’ll it be? Money? Girls? One particular girl? How ’bout that Audrey? Think it over… There must be someone you can eighty-six, real quiet like, and get me some lunch!

[Sung] How’d ya like a room at the Ritz?
Wrapped in velvet, covered in glitz
A little nookie gonna clean up those zits
And you’ll get it

Seymour: [Sung] Gee I’d like a Harley machine
Toolin’ around like I was James Dean
Makin’ all the guys on the corner turn green

Audrey 2: So go get it!
Ooh, ooh

If you wanna be profound
If you really gotta justify
Take a breath and look around
A lot of folks deserve to die

Seymour: [Spoken] Wait a minute, wait a minute! That’s not a very nice thing to say!

Audrey 2: [Spoken] But it’s true, innit?

Seymour: [Spoken] No! I don’t know anyone who deserves to get chopped up and fed to a hungry plant.

Audrey 2: [Spoken] Mmmm, sure you do…

Orin: [Spoken] Stupid woman! Christ, what a freakin’ scatterbrain!

Audrey: [Spoken] I’m sorry, doctor! I’m sorry doctor!

Orin: [Spoken] Now get the hell in there and pick up your Goddamn sweater you dizzy cow!

Audrey: [Spoken] Yes doctor! Right away doctor!
Hi Seymour. I left my sweater here before.

Orin: [Spoken] Come on, move it you little slut!
How do you like that stupid dame? Forgets a freakin’ sweater. Christ, if your stupid head weren’t screwed on!

[Orin slaps Audrey]

Audrey: [Spoken] Orin, that hurt!

Orin: [Spoken] Move it!

Both: [Sung] If you want a rationale
It isn’t very hard to see, no, no, no
Stop and think it over pal
The guy sure looks like plant food to me
The guy sure looks like plant food to me
The guy sure looks like plant food to me

Seymour: He’s so nasty treatin’ her rough

Audrey 2: Smackin’ her around, and always talkin’ so tough

Seymour: You need blood and he’s got more than enough

Audrey 2: I need blood and he’s got more than enough

Both: I/You need blood and he’s got more than enough

Audrey 2: [Spoken] So go get it!

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