“Alternative” Lyrics 178

Topic: Donald J. Trump; Donald J. Trump’s Base
“Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop” from The Producers

You will join me in singing
Und dancing the Führer’s favorite tune
‘Der Guten Tag Hop Clop’, all right, key of E?
Is there any other? Wunderbar, eins, zwei, drei

Guten Tag hop hop, Guten Tag clop clop
Auch du lieber und oh boy
Guten Tag clap clap, Guten Tag slap slap
Auch du lieber, vat a joy

Oh, wie essen und fressen
Und tanze und trinken
Tanzen und trinken
Until wie get stinkin’

Everybody, Guten Tag hop hop, Guten Tag clop clop
Guten Tag, meine liebe Schatz
So we hop our hops und we clop our clops
Und we drink our Schnapps ’til we plotz

Wunderbar, gentlemen, I like your dancing
Thank you, you may produce my play
Excellent, but only if you will take the Siegfried Oath
I solemnly swear, I solemnly swear

To obey the sacred Siegfried Oath
To obey the sacred Siegfried Oath
Und, und, und, never, never, never, never, never, never
Dishonor ze spirit und ze memory of Adolf Elizabeth Hitler

Dishonor the spirit, Elizabeth?
Ja, that vas his middle name
Not many people know it, but the Führer was descended
From a long line of English queens

Really? Adolf Elizabeth Hitler
Gut, so now I sign your contract
Ah, you won’t regret this, so, thank you, Herr Liebkind
Broadvay, wait ’til they hear about this in Argentina
Auch, mein lieblings

Ve’re winkin und blinkin
Und clinken und drinken
Our Schnapps ’til we plotz
Heil, you know who

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