“Alternative” Lyrics 3

Topic: Donald Trump
“15 Minutes of Shame” by Kristy Lee Cook

This song is about you!
I’m giving you more than fair warnin’
Right now on your radio!

Everybody’s gonna hear
All the things that you did
That you don’t want the world to know!

I’m spillin’ the beans,
I’m shouttin’ it out!
Yeah, you’re gonna be sorry now!

Every single lie you told
I’m tellin!
Every promise that you broke
I’m rattin’ you out!
Every girl in this world’s gonna know your name!
And I hope you enjoy your 15 minutes of shame!


You’re lookin’ nervous!
Now that your double talkin’ has caught back up with you!

Stick to your alibi!
Don’t try to deny it,
When I reveal the truth!

Sure, you’re pretty good,
At workin’ a line.
But it’s all just a matter of time!


Shame, shame, shame on you!
Look who’s lookin’ like a fool!

Blame, blame, blame yourself!
Won’t be foolin’ no one else!



Your fifteen minutes of shame, shame, shame!

Uh… huh…

Your fifteen minutes of sha-a-ame!

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